Why you should participate?

Participating in the VII International Exhibition of Mining Equipment, Tools, Supplies and Services for the Argentine Mining Industry, you will

  • Contact the equipment, tools and supplies end-users.
  • Contact the purchasing and logistic responsible.
  • Contact planning and design leaders of underground and open pit mines.
  • Contact directors, managers and supervisors of engineering, logistic, operation, production, maintenance, health and safety and environment protection.
  • Contact the Mining supplier companies to be represented and vice versa.


Who will participate?


  • Companies that provide equipment, technology and tools.
  • Service Mining Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Mining Supplier Companies from different countries



  • Mining Companies:

O Leaders in charge of designing and planning underground an open pit mines.

O Heads of supplies and logistics

O Directors, managers, supervisors, head of department and people in charge of engineering, production, operation, maintenance, logistics, health, safety and environment.

  • International and local mining suppliers companies.
  • Engineering and construction firms.
  • Environmental consultants
  • Chamber of Mining Enterprises
  • Chambers of Mining Good and Service Providers
  • Diplomatic representatives
  • Representatives from the national and provincial governments
  • Professionals
  • Professors


The exhibitors and sponsors will have:

  • A free pass for the activities taking place during the exhibition.
  • A business room for special presentations and meetings.
  • A free pass for the business roundtable between mining companies and mining supplier companies.
  • A free pass for the social event.