1. Introduction


The event “SAN JUAN – A KEY PROVINCE FOR  ARGENTINE MINING DEVELOPMENT”- will be held on October 21 al 23, 2020, at Complejo Ferial San Juan, Chimbas, in the city of San Juan, Argentina.  The exhibition will be open to all specializations and areas related to the manufacture, commerce, production, and services associated with the mining industry.  This Exhibition General Regulation has been established in order to secure absolute equality in the treatment of and the opportunities afforded to all participating companies.

This General Regulation, as well as other instructions issued by the Exhibition’s Executive Committee and published in Information Bulletins and Technical Communications, are mandatory for all participants, whose signature on the Application Form & Contract signals their knowledge and acceptance of the rules.



  1. Object


2.1. Show government officials, business owners, diplomats, and the public in general the level of excellence attained by the Argentine and foreign businesses within this market sector.

2.2. Showcase the rich mineral resources of the Province of San Juan.

2.3. Foster direct contact between exhibitors and users.

2.4. Promote the sales of exhibited products both in the domestic and international markets.

2.5. Increase the already high level of professionalism of this market sector through the inclusion of events aimed at updating knowledge of the industry.



  1. Participants and Areas Eligible to Exhibit


3.1. All national or foreign manufacturer, distributor, importer companies involved in the commerce of mining-related products.

3.2. All businesses in the service industry related to mining.

3.3. Banking and financial entities supporting mining activities.

3.4. Public, national, foreign or multilateral institutions, related to the economic, technological and financial development of the mining industry.

3.5. National and international businesses and organizations contributing to the economic, technological or financial development of the mining industry.

3.6. Transportation and freight companies involved in mining products export and import.

3.7. No promotion or advertising of products and/or services of third parties not taking part in the exhibition shall be allowed at participants’ booths. This rule applies also to the parts supplied to manufacture the exhibitor’s products.  Manufacturers may announce the name/s of their exclusive and/or official distributors.

3.8. Products exhibited must be new ex-works and unused.

3.9 No products shall be sold without the Executive Committee’s express authorization.


  1. Participation Terms, Fees and Forms of Payment


4.1. To take part in the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development 2018” event, interested companies shall submit a completed Application Form & Contract.  The E.C. may reject those applications perceived not to be in conformity with the spirit of the exhibition and, therefore, it reserves the right to admit those deemed suitable.  .  Participating companies shall send a signed copy of this Regulation, attesting that they are fully aware of all requirements and obligations, before May 11, 2020.


4.2. The fee depends on the size of each booth.  Prices listed do not include VAT.

4.3. Fees include:

  1. a) Use of the licensed space during setup, exhibition, and disassembly.
  2. b) Same-colour carpeting in hallways.
  3. c) Security of common areas (not for individual booths).
  4. d) Cleaning services for common areas (not for individual booths).
  5. e) Lighting for common areas (not for individual booths).
  6. f) General management and advising.
  7. g) Inclusion in the list of presenters on the exhibition web site.
  8. h) Advertising and promotion of the exhibition.

i)– Third-party liability insurance, covering attendees at common areas on the fair venue, with a coverage extension as established in section 7.7.1

4.4. The price of the booths can be paid using one of the following options:

  1. a) Cash: 100% of the fee due upon signing of the Application Form & Contract, OR
  2. b) Financing plan: 30% (thirty percent) due within 15 days of signing the Application Form & Contract, and 70% (seventy percent), with the fee paid in full prior to the start of the event.

The total cost detailed in the Application Form & Contract and/or General Regulation is in US dollars (US$), and can be paid in dollars; if the sum is paid in pesos, the payment shall be enough to cover the cost of buying the corresponding amount in US dollars, based on the exchange rate published by Banco Central de la República Argentina, on the day of the payment.  Payment shall be in dollar bills or checks made out to P. M. Servicios Empresarios S.R.L. and payable on the due dates established in accordance with the payment plan chosen.

4.5. Default by an exhibitor on any of the requirements set out in this Regulation, in particular the payments due as detailed above, shall entitle the E.C. to:

4.5.1. Request performance on the signed contract and/or

4.5.2. Terminate the contract by operation of law, with the following effects on the exhibitor: Payments made before termination will not be refunded. The exhibitor shall, within 10 days following the termination notice, pay the remainder of the fee by way of liquidated damages.  Any default shall cause effects by operation of law, by mere lapse of time and without the need of any further communication.

4.6. The exhibitor cannot resign performance on any part of the contract.  Without prejudice to the above, if for any reason the exhibitor announces s/he will not participate in the event, the provisions of paragraph 4.5 shall apply.

4.7. The E.C. has the power to cancel and award to a third party any lot that, having been fully paid by an exhibitor, has not been duly assembled within the established time before the opening of the Exhibition. The E.C. shall be entitled to decide on the usage of such lots and/or award them to third parties. Should this be the case, the amounts paid by the exhibitor shall not be reimbursed.

4.8. For the purpose of preserving the exhibition’s overall image and the individual interests of each exhibitor at the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event, any exhibitor who has failed to complete booth construction by the pre-established term may be liable to a fine, the amount of which shall be determined and informed by the authorities of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event for damages caused. (Exhibitors are strongly advised to include a similar clause in their contracts with booth constructors.)

4.9. Should any amount for additional services and/or any other kind of service remain unpaid by the time the exhibition is opened, the corresponding authorities of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event shall be entitled to close the booth, without this giving rise to any right to compensation or reimbursement, until said amounts have been paid in full.

4.10. A penalty for late payment shall be applied to any overdue instalment, as well as for all administrative expenses incurred into, as established by the E.C.





The exhibitor shall not be entitled to assign, donate, sell, lease, transfer or share the awarded lot, or a part thereof, without the E.C.’s prior written authorization.





6.1. Exhibitors shall not be allowed to engage in advertising outside their booths, anywhere in the exhibition.

6.2. No promotion or advertising of products and/or services of third parties not taking part in the exhibition shall be allowed at any participant’s booth. This rule applies also to the parts supplied to manufacture the exhibitor’s products.  Manufacturers may announce the name/s of their exclusive and/or official distributors, in a manner to be determined by the E.C.
6.3. Any audio equipment (radio, TV sets, audiovisual equipment, etc.) installed for permanent operation or demos shall be appropriately insulated to not exceed a sound pressure level of 20 dB (A) as measured at a distance of 1 meter from the booth’s perimeter.

Exhibitors shall not be allowed to play any kind of music without previously submitting evidence that all SADAIC and AADI – CAPIF regulations have been duly met. Any payment due to said institutions arising from playing music in booths shall be borne by the corresponding exhibitor.

6.4. Any form of advertising inside the booth is free, provided that the contents thereof do not violate any regulation in force and meet the provisions set forth in the Exhibition’s General Regulation.





7.1. Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for any damage caused to their personnel, visitors inside their booths and/or to objects or goods of any nature whatsoever, in the event of theft, robbery, fire, lightning, storm, explosion, hail, water entrance, humidity, flood or leaks, accident, turmoil, sabotage, or any other cause whatsoever. In addition, exhibitors shall also be responsible for bodily injuries caused inside or outside their booths by their personnel and/or the things used by them or under their custody.


7.2. The Authorities of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event shall recover from exhibitors any cost incurred for any damage caused by their booth constructors, their own companies’ trucks and/or freight vans, and for those damages that, on their account or on account of their constructors, should be caused to fixed and/or temporary facilities of the Maverick place and/or those furnished by the exhibition management.


7.3. The “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event shall not be responsible for damages that may be caused to the exhibitors by potential inadequacies of the electrical and power system, the drainage system, etc. Exhibitors shall install the necessary protection and safety devices for all equipment units exposed to such risks.

Nor shall the exhibition assume responsibility for any act and/or event not attributable to it that might cause failure of such services.


7.4. The “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event management shall hire the necessary general security personnel, who shall be in charge of keeping the order and solving any unforeseen event. It shall not, however, be responsible for any theft or robbery that may occur inside the booths.

During the time the exhibition is closed to the public, only the security personnel mentioned above and the exhibitors’ personnel duly authorized in writing by the E.C. shall be allowed to stay in the premises and  shall be provided by the same company as that contracted by the organizer.



7.5. The security personnel working for the exhibitors shall be furnished special badges by the authorities of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event upon written request. These badges shall include the corresponding security personnel member’s name and identity document number. The security service shall be contracted to the company identified as the event’s exclusive security service provider.


7.6. The exhibition management shall not be responsible for the cancellation and/or inadequacy of any service rendered by a third party through the Venue including without limitation, the utility companies Edenor, Gas Natural, Aguas Argentinas, and Telecom.


7.7 The exhibitor shall contract the following insurance coverage, evidence of which shall be sent to Panorama Minero, by May 11, 2020, at the latest:


7.7.1 A third-party liability insurance of U$S 54690.- + U$S 1170.-  covering contents against fire + U$S 625.-  covering contents against robbery or stealing. The third-party liability amount shall cover attendees against damage originated from the booth hired, specifically excluding loss originated from common areas on the premises. This insurance shall cover the following additional perils: fire, lightning, explosion, electric shock; damage from signage and/or billboards and/or similar objects; provision of food; and shall include an endorsement clause naming P.M. Servicios Empresarios SRL as additional insured.


7.7.2 Occupational injury or worker compensation or Occupational Risk Insurance (ART): Any individual the exhibitor needs to enter the premises for any reason, shall prove to be covered by ART, or Occupational injury or worker compensation Insurance, as applicable. In this case, the insured amount shall not be lower than U$S 39100.-  for death or permanent disability + U$S 3125.-  for Medical and Pharmacy Expenditures. In the event the workers sent by the exhibitor cannot prove being duly covered by the required insurance, they shall hire and payit out before entering the premises. P.M. Servicios Empresarios SRL, shall make available personnel to perform such function, who shall deliver the insured the certification to be shown to the security staff before entering the premises.

In all cases: whether ART or Occupational injury or worker compensation insurance, the policy shall have a non-recovery clause in favor of PM Servicios Empresarios SRL, CUIT 30-67778735-6




8.1. The “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event management shall be responsible for the cleaning of the exhibition’s premises. Each exhibitor shall provide for the cleaning of his own booth, and agrees to:

a- Keep booths in excellent conditions during the time the exhibition is open to the public.

b- Dispose of the garbage in the designated area, never leaving it in hallways. The authorities of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event reserve the right to close any booth which, to its sole criteria, fails to meet this requirement.

8.2. The exhibitor’s cleaning personnel shall be furnished a specific badge by the authorities of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event. Said badges shall be requested in writing, indicating name and identity document number of the individuals in charge of the service.

8.3. The cleaning personnel and those in charge of bringing in exhibition products and other products necessary for booth maintenance or operation shall enter the exhibition premises at the time specifically established by the E.C. Any time other than that stated shall be authorized in writing by the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event authorities.





The opening ceremony and the hours in which the exhibition shall be open to the public shall be advised through an Information Bulletin.


Wednesday          11:00  to 18:00

Thursday               11:00  to 18:00

Friday                    11:00  to 18:00



The use of badges is mandatory at all times and security personnel are hereby authorized to require their use.

Exhibitors shall provide a list with the request for badges, specifying who will assemble the booth and the staff designated to be there no later than May 11, 2020, as well as their ID number, title and contact phone number.

10.1. Exhibitors and their personnel shall allow their bags, cases and/or vehicles to be checked when going in and/or out of the exhibition’s premises.

10.2. No vehicle shall enter the premises during the time the exhibition is open to the public.

During the time the booths are being mounted or disassembled, vehicles may remain inside the exhibition’s premises, but only for the time necessary for loading and/or unloading activities, at the places designated by the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event authorities.

10.3. Booth assembly personnel shall be registered and furnished the corresponding badges. Employees shall be registered with the corresponding Occupational Risk Insurance Agency (ART), and self-employed contractors shall take out the pertinent insurance, evidence of which shall be submitted to the exhibition organizers no later than May 11, 2020.

10.4 Booth staff shall be registered with the corresponding Occupational Risk Insurance Agency (ART) or have personal accident insurance providing coverage in case of any unforeseen events within the exhibition’s premises. Information on said insurance shall be reported with the request for badges.




The E.C. of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event is available to exhibitors for advise on any matter regarding their participation in the exhibition, issues related to applicable regulations, etc.
For any query, the E.C. shall be contacted at its office of Avda. Congreso 2440 – 2, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone (54-11)4781-4760 / 4784-3234, e-mail to  or +54 9 11 53286418.





The E.C. reserves the right to change, as deemed convenient, the exhibition dates and hours, as well as the original or programmed booth distribution layout in the interest of the success of the event, without this giving rise to compensation claims from the exhibitors. Should the event be called off owing to an act of God or force majeure, all amounts paid by the exhibitors shall be reimbursed, previously deducting, at pro rata, any expenses incurred, without this giving rise to any compensation whatsoever.

Force majeure refers to any occurrence that is not reasonably within the E.C.’s control, and therefore, it is not in a position to prevent, despite proceeding with reasonable diligence. In addition, also considered an event of force majeure shall be the case where, notwithstanding the existence of the corresponding contract, the owner of the space , at its own discretion, should pose an impediment to the development of the exhibition or impose a postponement to a date deemed inconvenient by the E.C.





The event authorities reserve the right, in exceptional cases, to introduce amendments to this regulation or extend authorizations not considered herein when, in their opinion, they will be in the best interest of the show.





14.1. All the provisions set forth in the General Regulation, information bulletins, technical communications, the application, time schedules, drawings, surface areas and prices are mandatory. In case an exhibitor should, for any reason, fail to comply with them, whether in full or in part, the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event authorities will be entitled, without the need to send notice or perform any other act, to terminate the contract, with all sums received until such moment being kept for the benefit of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event, and demand payment of the remainder moneys due without prejudice to their retaining all of the materials and items placed in the respective space until cancellation of the aggregate amount claimed.

14.2. Since the exhibition does not own any special franchise, the selling of any product during the show shall be in full compliance with all regulations, including those related to public health, product identification, commercial and tax requirements commonly applicable to them.





Booth design, construction and disassembly documentation and the request for services shall abide by the rules established in this Regulation.



  1. ELEMENTS FURNISHED BY “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event TO BOOTHS WITH BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE:


16.1. Floor covered with synthetic carpet of a solid colour.
16.2. Panel dimensions: 1 meter wide column to column axes and 2.50 m high

16.3. Flag sign with booth number and exhibitor’s name

16.4 Electricity: Spot lights at a rate of 26 watts per m2 and power outlet with thermal switch and 220 V 60 Hz breaker.

16.5 Exhibitors that require three-phase wiring must request it before May 11 and provide their estimated consumption.




17.1. No breaking, drilling, welding, cutting, painting, hanging from, supporting on or altering walls, pavements, columns, roofs, beams or any existing facility is allowed.

17.2. The general switchboards, water faucets and fire fighting connections located inside lots shall be kept readily accessible at all times. Additionally, fire prevention equipment shall be left at sight.





18.1. The existing flooring is made of pigmented asphalt and no priming, painting or covering with granulated material is allowed. Platforms, carpets or platform coverings are allowed.

18.2. Drilling, breaking, damaging or digging trenches in the floor is not allowed.

18.3. Maximum floor bearing strength is 2.5 kg per cm2. The weight of heavy objects, machines or columns shall be distributed by supporting them on metal plates or timber lengths of enough thickness.

18.4. No foundations or underground supports are allowed. All constructions shall be placed on top of the floor without breaking it.





19.1. The use of the following materials is recommended for the construction of booths or other elements inside the complex:


  1. a) Non flammable materials or materials with limited flammability.

NOTE 1: A material is considered non flammable when, under the stipulated assembly and usage conditions, it does not ignite, burn, keep combustion going or release flammable fumes when subjected to high temperatures or is exposed to fire.  Any material that meets the test requirements under ASTM E 136 at 750 °C is considered non flammable.
NOTE 2: A material is considered to have limited flammability when, without meeting the conditions to be held non flammable, under the stipulated assembly and usage conditions, it has an 8,000 kJ/kg heat release value. These materials include: 1) those whose base structure is non flammable and have a surface coating less than 3 mm thick and present a flame propagation index lower than 50; and 2) those materials which, in the manner and thickness used, are different from those in paragraph (1), have a flame propagation rate lower than 25 and show no evidence of continued progressive combustion, and their composition is such that any surfaces that might be exposed through any openings in the material do not have a flame propagation rate higher than 25 or show evidence of continued progressive combustion.


  1. b) Timber which is more than 6.3mm (½”) thick or, if less than 6.3mm (½”) thick, treated against flammability by immersion under pressure.


19.2. The following requirements shall be mandatory for the materials below:


– Coating materials and wall and ceiling covering materials and projection screens rated RE2 (Very low flame propagation) as tested under IRAM 11910/1 and 11910/3 standards with 265 maximum specific smoke optical density for tests with and without flame according to IRAM 11912 Standard.

– Floor cover and coating materials shall have an FRC (Critical Radiance Flow) higher than 0,50W/cm2 as tested according to IRAM-INTI-CIT G 77014 Standard.

– No textile materials shall be placed hanging. Should the use thereof be unavoidable, the textiles shall have passed the NFPA 701 test or another test according to a specific standard applicable to hanging textile materials.

– Noise insulating or ornamental material, including without limitation, cotton, paper, straw, cane, moss, wood chips or the like, shall have been subjected to a flame retardant treatment. No material that cannot be submitted to these treatments shall be used.

– Platforms and stages shall be constructed with non flammable materials or materials with limited flammability.


19.3. All the construction materials shall present the least flammability.

19.4. No masonry, brickwork, cement, plaster, gypsum or any type of wet construction materials or methods shall be allowed.





20.1. Partitions shall be made of 2.5 m high panels (for booths up to 25 m2), in a modular system with white plates and aluminum columns. Only self-adhesive materials can be applied on them and no element shall be affixed by means of paint or adhesives. The structure cannot be used for the support of showing cases or other elements, but only for posters or other illustrative material not to exceed 5 kg on each panel, which material will be hanging from the upper bar. Panels shall not be drilled, nor shall screws or nails of any size be employed. Any panel damaged shall be charged to the exhibitor.

20.2. In all cases module dimensions are measured from axis to axis. Although the lots are divided by means of fixed-size panels, exhibitors will be well advised to work the design of their booths with enough dimensional tolerances and check the accuracy of the assigned lot’s dimensions.





The project and construction of booths larger than 50 m2 shall be under the direction of a professional architect or engineer.





On or before May 4th, 2020, exhibitors shall submit to the E.C. in digital format sent to or in the office in Avda. Congreso 2440 – 2 – Buenos Aires, Tel.: (54 11) 4781-4760/ 4784-3234, two (2) counterparts of 1: 20 or 1: 50 scale drawing, each copy including the booth’s floor plan and cross section (no perspective). The drawings shall include clear mention of the name of the exhibitor company, the booth number and the booth constructor’s name, address and telephone number. The drawings, either approved or with comments, shall be available for pick up ten days following submission thereof. The location of booth’s power connection shall be indicated in the drawing.





23.1. The maximum height of any construction work, including lighting appliances shall be 2.50m from the floor.
23.2. For the purposes of allowing for greater architectural development of the booths a 3.40 m height shall be allowed within an area limited by a 1 m detachment from any side of the space assigned, including the booth’s front line.

23.3. Booths with areas larger than 50 m2 may reach 4 m in height provided that they are located 1m away from partitions. EXHIBITORS SHOULD ASK IN ADVANCE AS BOOTHS ARE SET UP WITHIN TENTS.

23.4. For any two-storey constructions, the upper floor area shall not exceed 30% of the leased surface area.

23.5. Raised element(s) shall have all sides treated with equal care so as to not impose visual contamination to surrounding booths. Advertising posters and billboards rising above 2.50 m shall also meet this requirement.

For any doubt as to the interpretation of this section participating companies are invited to submit all the necessary queries to or  to the Technical Direction office of the “San Juan – A Key Province for Argentine Mining Development” event Avda. Congreso 2440 – 2, Buenos Aires, Tel.: (54 11) 4781-4760/ 4784-3234





No element shall extend beyond the limits of the space assigned, at any height.

Any activities developed within the exhibit shall take place within the limits of the contracted space without invading common or neighboring areas.

It is expressly stated that the facilities or equipment of the catering service contracted by exhibitors shall be located within their booth’s internal area.




In all events and even where 2.40 m height is not exceeded, they shall be self supporting, i.e. they shall not be supported on the partition panels.






26.1. Any type of standing machines shall be located at a 1 m distance from each other, no exceptions being allowed.

26.2. Large operating machines shall be surrounded by a distance proportional to the size thereof, allowing free movement of its elements, clear view of its parts and taking the public and workers’ safety into account. The clearance shall be subject to E.C. approval.

26.3. Operating machines shall be located with a recess of at least 0.80m from the booth’s front line.





The front of counters shall be located with a recess of at least 0.50m from the booth’s front line.





28.1. Lighting appliances shall be installed taking care not to represent a nuisance to the public or surrounding booths.

28.2. No lighting appliance shall be installed on the floor or within the public’s reach without enough protection to prevent any contact therewith.

28.3. Light signs or neon ornamentation located within the public’s reach shall be placed behind glass or acrylic panels or any other element that will effectively prevent contact therewith.



  1. SOUND


The only sound allowed is that of operating machines and equipment, which, nonetheless, can be limited or banned where the E.C. finds it to be excessive. Exhibitors wishing to use audio devices (films, audiovisual material, VCRs) operating on a permanent or intermittent basis shall do so at such volume levels as to not cause any disturbance, by abiding by the provisions in section 6.3.





Exhibitors shall be liable for any injuries or accidents caused by their own power devices to themselves, their staff or products, or any third parties.

Exhibitors shall be liable for any injuries or accidents caused by their own power devices, their staff or products, or any third parties. Exhibitors shall be solely liable for any injuries caused to their staff, any exhibition attendees located within their booth and/or damage to their personal items or goods due to theft, burglary, fire, lightning, storm, explosion, water penetration, humidity, flooding and leaking water, accident, civil commotion, sabotage or any other events, regardless of their origin and cause.

Furthermore, exhibitors shall be liable for any damages caused inside and outside their booth by their staff or any materials used or kept by them and any contracted staff representing the exhibitor at that time. Accordingly, exhibitors shall take an all-risk insurance. Exhibitors shall also be liable for any damage caused by the construction company used to set up their booths, said company’s trucks or carriers and any damage caused on the exhibitor’s account to any fixed or temporary facilities supplied by the organizers. The organizers disclaim any liability from damages sustained by the exhibitors due to differences in wiring and drive power, drainage systems, etc.; accordingly, the exhibitors shall install protective and safety devices for any such equipment exposed. Similarly, the organizers disclaim liability from any interruption in such utilities due to events beyond their control.





Any installation that has not been previously submitted for approval or that has been denied approval by the Technical Direction shall be closed and no replacement therefore shall be allowed.




Every individual performing booth construction work shall be fitted with personal protection equipment according to the job performed: gloves, goggles, safety helmet and safety harness and lanyards if conducting high rise jobs (above 1.80 meters)

A fire extinguisher of at least 1 kg capacity shall be available in each booth. The fire extinguisher shall be placed in a visible and readily accessible area.





Booth construction:

Booth and spaces assembled by third parties: Saturday May 30 , 9:00 am through Tuesday, June 2, 18:00 pm. No exhibitors shall be allowed on the premises after said times, whether or not they have finished their work.

For vehicles entering by their own means or through crane or forklift, notice shall be sent in advance for organization and programming purposes.

Entrance of exhibitors to booths delivered with basic infrastructure: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2020 from 08:00 am to 18:00 pm. No exhibitors shall be allowed on the premises after said time.




Exhibitors shall be bound to remove products, disassemble and take away booths and return the lot in the same conditions as received from June 5th, 20:00 pm through June 6th 23:00 pm. Any damage caused to the facilities shall be repaired at the exhibitor’s expense. Exhibitors shall not be allowed to undertake repair work of any kind.